AERA is a non-profit association. It brings together passionate amateurs whose work has an essentially educational purpose. Through a playful presentation, they want to interest a wide audience in the history of our heritage.

AERA is involved both in museums animations, in the animation of conferences in universities and schools and by the participation to historical festivals for the general public. It is open to all, and is for all. The historical clothing and objects we use are faithful "to the identical" reconstructions of artifacts found in archaeological excavations. They allow intimate understanding of our past for participants in these events. It also has a certain attraction on an audience of adults and children’s alike that are captured by the authenticity and realism of the approach.

AERA initiators wanted to start from scratch to present a European historical period, little documented and quite unknown by the majority of peoples. This period is nevertheless a major step toward our modern Western civilization. We began with a long period of research over several years. Prior to his term, not the lesser reconstitution of the smallest artifact has been undertaken with precision. Then, gradually, and thanks to the support of specialists, the enthusiasm of its members has been able to overcome all obstacles. Of course, finding the historical sources is not easy, but making reconstructions based on these sources in otherwise complex challenge.

Take a simple example: wool. At first wool must be spun by hand, then dyed according to the same technique and using the same pigments as in antiquity before it be woven on a hand loom faithfully reconstructed according to its historical model. The resulting cloth will finally bring the achievement of authentic clothing to the seams. Such rigor is the essential condition of a highly credible reconstruction. Once you have done it once, you can search for more modern equivalents with similar characteristic as it is not always possible to obtain the quantities we need using this method. It is the same for the manufacture of all the accessories weather of leather or metal which are made according to standard that are 2000 years old.

AERA is thus participating in spreading knowledge of the Roman civilization to an audience increasingly in demand to discover its roots in a world that tend toward the overall globalization of our environment.

What Latin culture has brought to our modern society, what part of our heritage we owe them, is thus highlighted in respect of its authenticity. Far from the traditional clichés and misleading images from Hollywood and the likes, we try our best to show the real beauty of the historical truth.

Members of AERA, all volunteers, have devoted their time and their money so that others can share their knowledge and their ideal. The sacrifices that they have so freely accepted found their compensation in the often amazed eyes of the public delighted to discover a heritage which is the bedrock of their culture. This is where that we draw the energy to move forward.

AERA, supported by encouragement of a public ever more and more passionate, has the ambition to develop and multiply in the future its reconstructions and public events. To do this, it will need to reconstruct more equipment and increased its financial resources.

AERA receives no subsidy. Its only resources are the contributions of its members and those generated by the events it participates in. Each of its members personally finances its equipment and invests according to its capabilities while accepting the constraints imposed by travel inherent in the various events organized throughout Europe. Some research, others make equipment or objects. It is this multidisciplinary approach which allowed the progressive acquisition of know-how and knowledge that guarantee the authenticity of our approach.

This is what justifies the research of patronage and financial support. Sponsors are likely to find their compensation by broad exposure events and publications carried out. The destination of the funds thus obtained will be exclusively devoted to collective funding of material and equipment and will be the subject of regular information. Donations thus collected will be used in a constructive manner.

By the increase in the scope of its activities AERA is also likely to interest companies open to cultural sponsorship, and even to allow some of them with their own means of historical reproductions of equipment for use with indication of origin in public demonstrations.   

Sending your contributions by check or by transfer to our address will be welcome. For the implementation of patronage or sponsorships operations please contact us directly.