#top AERA roman legion main page republican romans Photos Moscow 2017 Times and Epoch photos Saint Blaise 2017 photos Roman republican legion Our military leather tents. Melee training in pairs. Tour of the site of 5 hectares. The Senator inspects his escort. Mr Bernard Calvia Director of the archaeological site of Saint Blaise conducted an informative guided tour. Many visitors came to see us. We are proud to have participated in this weekend Which broke the record of visits to this magnificent archaeological site.

We are particularly pleased to have been able to participate in this first reenactment weekend on this magnificent site. This type of event, even if we were only a small part of our group, is one of the reasons why our association was created; Participate in promoting our local heritage to the general public.

This oppidum, conquered by the Romans around 120 BCE, fits particularly well with the costumes that we work relentlessly to reconstruct, and which are typical of the creation of future Provence by the Romans.

A very big thank you to Mr Bernard Calvia for having trusted us, and for his kindness. Thanks also to the archaeologist of the site and the rest of the team for their help.

Congratulations to all our newcomers who have been able to integrate very quickly, in particular Charlene Schimpf who made the road alone to join us, our young archaeologists: Leslie Amoroso, Asma Khoudrane and Julie Baverey, as well as Axel Eeckman young underwater archaeologist And a soldier full of good will.

Presentation of the marching wear The diversity of equipment, in line with historical reality.