ÆRA has developed a practical experience and expertise of the ancient world  that we bring to the TV and movie industry.

We're here for you who are:
producer relating to ancient history;
director of a historic documentary project;
journalist concerned rigorous information to support your chronicle.

Researchers and librarians appreciate our contribution. Among our key interlocutors who enjoy the fruit of our experience in reconstructing as exactly as possible, we count:

French and Anglo-Saxons Medias.

All recognize the added value of our contribution.

Our commitment: to assist the audiovisual industry to enable it to produce images approaching the historical reality thus ensuring the dissemination of an authentic image of the ancient’s civilizations to a wide public.

We will assist you as:
Historical Advisor;
Historical Advisor documentalist;
Advise for the search for filming locations;
Sets advisors, Decors reconstruction, both military and civilian costumes as well as accessories from everyday life.

In this area, we will train your extras to military and fighting methods of the ancient world, or more simply, we will provide you with the best specialists of the period, seasoned reenactors capable of interpreting the required person.

Unlike some approximate broadcasts that do make only a partial testimony, the Roman army was a real war machine, efficient and disciplined both in attack as in defense. His soldiers respected a discipline and a code of honor in combat unique in antiquity.
Our experience has shown us that a scene respecting the historical reality is much more impressive visually than everything that is usually shown in movies or coverage’s.

Respecting the authenticity of the specific Roman formation, its way to charge and the intensity of the impact with the opponent, the historical reality will make the images more striking than many major productions ever seen in the past.

The military

Moreover, we can fit a true Roman camp for you, including portraying the lives of all ranks as well as the civilians who followed. The provision of genuine accessories gives your actors and sets a surplus of credibility making for a top production.

The civilians

Every ancient civilization had its own particular customs. Respecting the authenticity of every detail of the daily life will enhance the credibility of the image produced. Why accept some approximations while real life is more complex and will be more exciting on screen? In addition to the decor, furnishings, accessories and costumes, the way characters interacts in a credible way may be the plus that will make all the difference on the screen. We will teach each player how to behave according to the codes of the time referring to his character, thus both actors and extras will gain in confidence and credibility.

Audiovisual and antiquity

Film and television have long had a broad audience for epics relating to antiquity. Thanks to archaeological discoveries of the past twenty years, the knowledge of the ancient world has surged ahead. This has lead to a more faithfully vision and reconstruction of the world of our ancestors. This allows us for a closest reconstruction of a world now long disappeared. Our contribution will benefit your company with more efficient and authentic images.

With an experience of 15 years of reenactment in both the best French and Europeans groups, our studies to recreate the same costumes, objects and environment enable us to achieve today results respected by connoisseurs and experts of various countries. We interact frequently with top reenactors troops, and our travels took us to attend and know the number of suitable locations for filming especially in Europe.

Our assistance and advice will be your best guarantee of gaining loyalty to such a public. They will make your production more credible and authentic. This will both strengthen the actors play and the veracity of the scenario, increasing thus the level of audience satisfaction.

Exemples of possible shooting sites in Europe