Wool hat

Our woolen hat was reconstructed according to various sources which we show the main ones here.

This cap was used frequently by the Romans peasants but also used by the Greeks, and the Etruscans.

It is very convenient to use and protects well both from the cold and the heat, although for the latter the straw hat is better.

 Many soldiers being of rural origin, they shall have kept their dress habits. As it is the case for shoes (caligae, perones), and some other piece of clothing it is logical to think that they have used the same to cover their heads.

The top sculpture is Roman, underneath is an Etruscan frescoe, then a Greek vase and other roman paintings

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Romans didn't use that many hats, as it was not in their habbit to do so, but they did use some especially when travelling or for some special activities.

J-L Féraud October 2010 roman artifacts reconstructions