#top AERA roman legion main page Photos 2016 Roman republic republican romans Photos Photos Roman legions of Caius Julius Caesar in Gergovia 2016 page 2 Rafael, a new Belgian member full of enthusiasm. Peter comes from Slovenia. Cedric is a young archaeologist and a true enthusiast. Dr Sandrine Viollet made the trip  from Geneva.

Jean-Pierre from Marseille is our strategist and has made thousands of figurines.

The girls have decided to shoot our legionaries thus  forcing them to protect themselves.

Authentic Romans that come directly from the city of Rome!

Everyone is unfortunately not present on these pictures that have mostly been taken on Sunday morning before the arrival of the public. We sincerely apologize for the participants who came on Saturday as well as those who arrived on Sunday morning after we took these pictures, but this is only a postponement.

Thank you all for your efforts and your involvement. Congratulations to all the new young people who joined us and who have shown a very good state of mind. To all those who came from far congratulations on your motivation.

A big thank you to all those who helped to enable the realization of this camp:

Mr Georges Christiani Mayor of Mimet, President of the Union of Mayors of Bouches-du-Rhône and Vice President of the Aix aglomeration Counsil.

Mr Francis Molina assistant to security, Mr Daniel Carillo always ready to help, and Mr Robert Dalmasso Vice Chairman of the CCFF for quite a helping hand.

The evening meal preparation. Video of our first morning workout  before the arrival of the public.

A big thank you to Jean-René Malénon of Drone Made Air for filming us despite the difficulties of the current French legislation. We agreed that he flew over us, but he had to do so before the arrival of the public!

Our Italians members have made  a long journey to be with us.

Frank our Tesserarius brings all his former sergeant rigor.

Thomas our young Provençal  full of goodwill.

During the Heritage Days we organized a camp in the picturesque village of Mimet in Provence. Mimet was a Salluvian oppidum of Celto-Ligurian people established at “la tête de l’ ost”. It was conquered by the Romans in 124 BC. The site is currently not suitable to install a camp, so we established it in the beautiful gardens of Château-Bas.

The village of Mimet which has a beautiful view of the “Sainte Victoire” at the foot of which the Consul Gaius Marius defeated the Teutons and Ambrones in 102 BCE.

The spectacular dressing of the Senator.