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The Mayor does us the honor to visit us several times.

As a true history enthusiast he shows a real interest in our presentations.

The centurion gives him explanations.

In Mimet we had the joy of welcoming a family audience, and all enthusiastically participated in the proposed activities.

Coline makes demonstrations of wool spinning.

Nadège teaches children the basics of ancient archery with very secure arrows.

Julie  teaches ancient games to young enthusiasts.

Jean-Luc teaches the youngest to draw a Roman camp.

Rafaël & Asma show how to grind spelled grains into flour.

Thank you to all our passionate members who participated in our traditional Mimet training camp.

The satisfaction of the visitors is the testimony that the implication of all to do their best gives very positive results.

A big thank you to Mr Georges Christiani Mayor of Mimet and President of the Association of Mayors of the Bouches du Rhône for his help and assistance to the organization of this camp in the beautiful park of Château Bas. Thank you to all those municipal employees who have dedicated themselves to helping us.