Attracted by the Roman republic period, you wish to live a unique historical experience.

We are by vocation an international group and are thus opened to members from different countries. We believe that by sharing and putting our work together we will gain more and better knolege of our past history.

We are opened to all kinds of persons from different ages and different background providing that they are really motivated and interested in the historical period we cover.

We are looking for men  and women with passion.

We have a dual approach to reenactment.

The fist side of our approach is the historical part.

It consist of research and the actual reconstruction of the artefacts. It consist also in the collection of historical documentation on our time period.

We can then experiment with what we have learned and reconstructed.

The other side is sharing this informations with others.

If you are  interested  no  hesitatations  Contact us

This is the vulgarisation process, the reenacting in front of the public in order to bring them a more attractive perspective of history.

how to join AERA