Training for individual fencing is essential for each legionary.

Our efficient Tesserarius who, among other things, ensures that the camp is always tidy.

Christian set up the Groma.

Our senator, an aristocrat, is well surrounded.

The girls watch everything with a critical eye. Coline, one of our young archaeologists weaves a belt. Sandrine, the historian and her stand on the great figures of the Roman republic.

Our Senator put on his coat of thick wool.

Welcome to two young archaeologists Paul and Robin who have spared no effort during this weekend.

Welcome to Andrea a young historian whose kindness has seduced the whole group.

Thank you to the mayor of Mimet Georges Cristiani for allowing us to use this beautiful park once again.

Thanks to Mrs. Janny Maurice, Mimet Culture Assistant for her help.
Thanks also to Mr Robert Dalmasso for his many aids.

And finally thanks to Jean-Claude Carillo the guardian of “Château bas” for his help and his kindness.

Thanks to Sandrine Viollet, Carole Jaouen, Andréa Dimicolis and Frank Roerig for taking these beautiful photos.

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