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In Marseille, the archaeological site of the Baou de St Marcel, was occupied from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages participated in the national days of archeology. On the plateau overlooking the plain of Huveaune, he kept access to the entrance of Massalia. The Celtic-Ligurian Salians built an important oppidum there. It was conquered by the Romans at the request of the Massaliote Greeks around 122 BCE, just like all the others built by the Salians. It was after this campaign that the Romans settled in the area and founded what would become Aix-en-Provence.

Views of the plateau where the oppidum was located. Jean-Pierre and his collection on the theme of the Gallic wars. Our civilian pole has more and more passionate women and who are fully involved in the reconstruction. Our camp mounted on terraces on the hillside.

Training the troops is not easy on a slope and under a lot of heat.

Photos Roman legion in Marseille 2018 page 2