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The ancient texts speak of the relaxation of the troops at the siege of Numancia because too many women and in particular prostitutes lived among the soldiers. Lust and drunkenness had made legionaries less disciplined and combative. Scipio immediately took control of the camp and restored order and discipline. He subjected the troops to a rigorous and intensive training which allowed him to finish this campaign quickly and victoriously.


Congratulations to Silvio for the 4000th sale of his album Gergovie.

All ÆRA members are proud and happy with the success of this exceptional album that has given you so much work.

Presentation to the officials and the public who discover with joy this little known period of our local history. This allows them to get a better idea of the events and the men of this distant period.

Thank you to all our members who made the effort to come and brave the heat especially those who came from far away.

Congratulations to the three new young women who joined us, Céline, Éléonore and Yulia. They were perfectly integrated and were unanimously appreciated.

Thank you to Mrs. Martine Maury who took some of the pictures on these two pages.

A big thank you to the team of enthusiasts "The Friends of Old Saint Marcel" for their organization and their sense of hospitality with special mention for Loïc Bordione.

A big thank you to the President Mr Christian Granon for his hospitality and all the care he took from us.