#top AERA roman legion main page republican romans Photos Photos Roman republican legion in Mimet 2017 PAoste 2017 Roman republic photos page 2 These magnificent portraits are realized by  Patrick Thierry a photographer of  both talent and passion.

Thanks to Raphael Tanguy the organizer of the festival and all the volunteers.

Thanks to Silvio Luccisano for organizing this weekend.

Thanks to all the members who made the journey with the difficult road conditions and who knew how to ensure the show despite the conditions.

Jean-Pierre and his miniature armies still appeal to the public.

Inauguration of our officer’s tent of the century. Realized in goatskin it allowed us to validate certain hypotheses and archaeological data. However, it will require many improvements before being fully operational.

The lack of space in the courtyard allowed us to climb only a few tents including a civil one.

A wolf was kindly lent us by very nice spectators to make the picture. Usually frightened this one is filled with affection and with no fear was quite the opposite.

The military maneuvers in the courtyard  of the museum are followed  by wanderings in the city. One cannot resist the urge to imitate Diana while the other seeks the shadow in a stifling heat.

On the sidelines of the Comics festival in Evreux, where our Senator was dedicating his book on Gergovia, we represented the legionaries of the Roman republic.

The setting in the magnificent courtyard of the cathedral of Evreux was sumptuous. A long journey and an overwhelming humid heat did not make things easy for us, but nice encounters and a good atmosphere were able to motivate us.