Our civilians did some street animations for the tradespeople of the city

For the military we started with the animation of the visit of the galleys to children and their families. A task that is quite  tiring but what a happiness to provide joy to the little ones. Romanity and passion for our heritage start at an early age.

The Italian dancers of Ninuphar Eventi joined us for the public’s greater pleasure The journalist Frederic Faure from France2  National tv folowed us for the duration of the event. Rafael in his new task as Cornicen Entry in the arena, this year we were in charge  of the rear guard! AERA roman legion main page republican romans Photos Photos Grand Jeux Romains Nimes 2018 page 2 roman republican legio 2018 photos #top The imperial cult ceremony Photos Grand Jeux Romains Nimes 2018 page 2