Slave market.

Our soldiers escort Batiatus.

Guards of the Roman Senate. The final battle.

Participation to the Maison Carrée ceremony.

The night defilee was a real success with a really big crowd.

The street parade as the emperors body guards.

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And congratulations to the two stars of the arena for a well designed scenario and all the rest ... the two teachers: Eric Teyssier and Eric Dars.

A special thank you to Nadège Calmet whose efficient and painstaking work even if it remains in the shade of the photos has greatly contributed to the success of this edition.

A big THANK YOU to the Culturespaces teams for a very good organization this year again. Congratulations to the new director Mr Christophe Beth who was able to be at the height of the event.

In particular to those with whom we work directly: Valérie Espin the pillar, and Pauline Perey always so dedicated and effective without forgetting all the other members of the team ....

Congratulations to Yann Guerrero, Simone Del Greco and Mike Nagreuh for a great job and to stay tuned when needed!

Thank you to all ÆRA members for your commitment and for giving the best of yourself.

Thank you to the association Les Commerçants sont Romains, In particular Mr Rodier and Ms Carbo.

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