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VII edition of  the Great Roman Games Photos Grand Jeux Romains Nimes 2016 page 2 Preparation and rehearsal is a key moment for every great show, and everyone must do their part.

Our workshop "Strategy" has reached a big size by presenting the battle of Actium, with nearly a hundred ships assembled for the occasion. Jean-Pierre and Christian have made a real “tour de force” working long hours to get to this level of visual impact. The audience was so interested and happy that they repeatedly applauded at the end of each presentation, recognizing their tremendous work.

Jean-Pierre to the maneuver Christian naval strategy specialist

Sandrine explains the difference between myth and reality of the great figures of the time. To do this she designed rolls in the ancient way to illustrate her point. She met an interested and eager to learn audience, but she suffered from the exposure to the elements that have not allowed her to hold her stand as long as she wanted.

Julius Caesar remains an undisputed star of the Ancient world.

What a pleasure to meet again Luc Long from 2ASM, the famous archaeologist who discovered the statue of Caesar in the Rhone. A very rich exchange on the latest advances in research.

Some beautiful republicans Romans portraits. Ilario our stunning new Optio. It was a great pleasure to share this moment with our Belgian friends. Serena the Italian dancer a lovelly person with a true passion Guisepe at his best for portraying Marc Antony Robin the local signifer joined us for the occasion