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This year we guided the children to visit the galley of Cleopatra. It's a real privilege to give happiness to future generations, while introducing them to the ancient history. Entertaining while teaching is one of the achievement of the Great Roman Games, because popularization give to the youngest the taste to be interested in our past and our heritage. The enthusiasm of both the children and their parents allows us to caress the sweet dream to think that some will want to deepen the subject, and that in due time will be born new vocations. The day that future archaeologists, history teachers or responsible for heritage development say that their passion is born thanks to the reenactors, then we will know that our efforts have been paid back.

Our members did their best to give the children the best possible moment.

We must thank the Culturespaces teams for their kindness and cooperation for handling a smooth flow control of visitors.

Nadège has provided valuable support in helping with the little ones.

A special thank you to Stephan Ramirez was so great with the kids.

An arena packed and sold out for two days: it is an exceptional success, showing how our Latin culture is still alive and well up to date.

This year we portray the guard of Marc Antony.

Marc Antony followed by the queen of Egypt the land from the galley.

Slideshow of the naval battle evoking Actium made suitable for a naumachia.

Mark Antony escort. Marc Antony body guards during the final battle. Salutations to a wonderful public.

Thank you to Michael Couzigou and all the Culturespaces teams who really did a great job organizing this year festival, with special mention to Caroline Mounier for her perseverance.

Thank you to Yann Guerrero for the construction of the tent on the battle of Actium.

Thank you to Professor Eric Teissier for its renewed confidence every year.

Thank you to all members of AERA for your efforts and sacrifices. Thank you to our Belgian friends, some of whom are members of our team. We warmly welcome our newbies who were able to integrate our troop quite remarkably!