#top AERA roman legion main page republican romans Photos Moscow 2017 Times and Epoch photos roman legion page 2 Saint Blaise 2017 photos Roman republican legion page 2 This year The Muscovite Times & Epoch Festival was a multi-period event. Excerpt from Laurence Walzer's France 3  television show about our trip.

Five other groups of French reenactors from different eras joined us for the trip and thus we were able to organize a special flight.

First time traveling by plane in historical costumes.

Upon arrival, the special welcome was very warm.

View of our Roman settlement on the eve of the demonstration. The slave market: check the state of health before the purchase to make the right choice!  One must weigh the pros and cons before taking his decision, and bring his hand to his purse. Morning briefing before the first trainings. Battle training Animation on the ramparts of the camp.

The government of Moscow asked the reenactors to circulate in costume in the streets, even outside the festival in order to prolong the festive atmosphere and to promote the festival to the population. So, we did some touring in Roman costume.

Moscow 2017 Times and Epoch photos roman legion page 2