Congratulations and thank you to all our members who participated in this very beautiful and exhausting adventure and which gave the best of themselves to the service of a common objective.

A very big thank you to the company Ratobor who invited us for the second time, as well as to the Government of Moscow who organized this gigantic demonstration and allowed us to march in uniform on Red Square.

Thanks to the Russian Consulate in Marseille for facilitating our administrative procedures.

I cannot forget the Muscovite population who put up a very warm welcome throughout our stay.

AERA roman legion main page republican romans Photos Aoste 2017 Roman republic photos Moscow 2017 Times and Epoch photos The antiquity period of the festival was held in the beautiful park of Kolomenskoye  (Коломенское) classified as a World Heritage Site by the Unesco. The parade. Photos with a great Greek group who represented the Minoan civilization. We had the exceptional permission to maneuver in historical costume on the famous Red Square. Pictured in front of Saint Basil’s Cathedral, certainly the most famous monument of Moscow  known through the world. Pictured in front of the front door of the Kremlin on Red Square. Great moment of sharing with our friends of the association "Les Poilus de la Marne"  under the walls of the Kremlin.

With the association "Jean Roch Coignet" depicting the Imperial guard of Napoleon under the walls of the Kremlin next to the monument to the victims of the great patriotic war. For the first time since the Russian campaign of Napoleon the French were able to parade on the Red Square in the uniforms of the First Empire. What an emotion!

In the Grand Store Goum which stretches along the entire length of the Red Square opposite the Kremlin.

This was another exceptional moment that delighted both shopkeepers and customers alike.

In the superb Muscovite metro dressed in Roman outfit for the delight of the travelers and employees who took photos of us countless times.

After making a tortoise on the Red Square we made  another one in a metro station for the public's pleasure. Special thanks u

Eric Dehorter
TV reporter who shared in immersion
our adventure and who filmed us
throughout the journey


To Snezhana Zeynalova for her help and kindness.

Daria Isaeva, the International Coordinator without whom nothing would have been possible and who worked so hard to organize everything.

Alain Nice also deserves a special mention for having worked to coordinate with us the French side with the other five troops present at this festival.

To Anna & Elena Sibul for their presence at our side as soon as a need was felt. Forgive me for having had so much trouble To recognize one from the another ... To our translator Yulia Pakulova which was adopted by the whole group and involved herself from the beginning  to the end. To our guide Maria Orange who knows how to communicate to us her love of her beautiful city through the great and the small history. To Anastasia Osmina for her kindness and be always there to help us