Apulo-Corinthian types helmets The typical helmet from southern Italy

This type of helmet is typically italic, and is extremely popular in the South of the peninsula. He draws his inspiration from the Greek Corinthian models that were worn on the head this way most of the time and was only covering the face at the time of the final confrontation. Recent re-enactments were also able to demonstrate that it is almost impossible to keep these Corinthian helmets for a long time in its battle position in the sun because the temperature rise quickly to a very intense heat and that sweat start burning your eyes quite rapidly, thus the development of this Apulo-Corinthian type of helmet imitating the Corinthian helmet worn in the upward position and thus more comfortable.


The oldest models are very richly decorated, and then the classical model will have the eyes cut out like the originals Greek models, this will evolve into becoming a simple engravings in the 3rd century BC. Although there are several types of engravings, the most popular by far represents 2 wild boar facing each others as the reconstruction depict here.


While there are as far as I know only a couple of paintings depicting cheek guards, it is almost always without them in fact. This model will remain extremely popular among the southern Italian warriors up to the middle of the third century and will persist up to the second Punic War.


None is found by archeology after this period, but the lapidary and frescoes continue to show it almost until the end of the Republic.


Then did it become a parade helmet later, or was it used by tradition among some officers? One can legitimately ask the question. It is certain that the tradition to wear clothes and armors inspired by previous epochs by Romans officers has continued all along their long history. It could be interesting that archaeologist examine the reasons why, so we could take advantage of their conclusions on this subject matter.

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