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Our passion for ancient history combined with the will to share it with others as lead us to create AERA.

Between the researchers whose language is somehow hermetic to the non initiated, and the general public we are modestly trying to fill a gap. So we are pursuing a dual objective of research on one hand and public information on the other.

We have chosen the second century BC for quite a few reasons. First it is the period of Rome largest expansion when it started Rome was more less the Italian peninsula and at the end it controlled 75% of the Mediterranean basin. Second, this is a period completely overlooked by history books and most historians as a whole, and it deserves to be known at it is the turning point in Rome history that lead the basis to the future change of regime. Third, it is the birth of the Roman province in the South of France were our founding members originate.

Because of the second century BC we share a common cultural past with our neighbors, when other periods in history divide us it is important to look at what we have in common that unites us.

Far from the traditional  image of the Roman propagated by Hollywood and comic strips, we propose you to discover another aspect of Roman history.

It is these people at the service of the Republic who will build the first large cities in land. They are the ones who will build the first real road network in history, and even the first international highway which will link Italy and Spain through the Provence. These are our origins, a part of our identity and our shared heritage.

Our researches have led us very early to work with researchers and specialists from various countries, as well as our distribution on several countries naturally led us to create a European structure.

By opening ourselves to other cultures of our continent that are also impregnated with this common heritage, it led us naturally to share our work with other nations. This lead us to a certain kind of knowledge that result in a type of brotherhood and respect of the other person values which are the foundations of a modern Europe, peacefull and looking in the same direction, just like in the time of the ancien Romans.