In front of our hotel, the imposing statue of General De Gaule standing in the heart of Moscow.

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Good surprises of multi epochs festivals, here with some very welcoming plain indians.

The legendary General Custer of the 7th US cavalry visited us too!

Pre Mongolian cultures from the Russian great steppes. Very nice persons rightly proud of their cultural heritage.

The very friendly dancers of the West conquest.

In the Moscovite metro we made the first Roman Testudo on an escalator on the move.

On the boulevards we join our fellows friends from the association “Jean Roch Coignet” of the 1st grenadier regiment of the imperial guard.

Our guides, translators and a bit of our Russian family, wonderful girls from left to right, Elena, Yulia, Olga and Anna.

A very big thank you to the company Ratobor who invited us for the third time, as well as to the Moscow Government which organized this beautiful event.

Special thanks to Daria Isaeva, the International Coordinator, without whom nothing would have been possible!